Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cheap much?

Tonight we had the funniest thing happen. WE REALIZED JUST HOW CHEAP WE ARE ABOUT SOME THINGS. haha..it just makes me giggle thinking about it.

see this is exhibit A....what rabbit ears are suppose to look like:

enter exhibit B...what our rabbit ears look like:

you see, our rabbit ears started out nice and long and had really great reception until lincoln pulled them down a few too many times and the antennaes kept busting off. did we get new ones? nope. so you might be asking how we make it work..well, it's a bit complicated. As we tried to watch a show tonight, it was comical to watch Ben turn the antennae around in almost a scientific manner..he turned, twisted, raised an arm, stood 3 inches to the right..all to get a picture on the TV. we started laughing and couldn't stop when we realized just how badly we wanted to watch a show and couldn't. And realized we are just cheap about some things, and this is DEFINITELY one of them.:)

By being cheap about some things, though, we have learned some lessons about where NOT to be cheap. As we were eating our Great Value peanut butter one day, I turned the jar around to read the allergy warnings on the back...and it read to the effect: This product has been manufactured in a plant with nuts...yada, yada, yada...and ANCHOVIES. sick, gross, and wrong. the thought that I had sick little fish in my peanut butter changed us forever....
and JIF will win out over price on this one anyday.

SO, what are you cheap and NOT cheap about?

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Heather said...

I'm cheap on clothes, entertainment and activities, but not on food. I love to buy fresh produce and enjoy my food.

Nate and Jessica said...

Thank you Kiki. I just finished my GV peanut butter toast. Now I shall go throw it up.

emily and kevin griffin said...

kevin wears his socks until they all have holes in them, and then waits until everyone he knows buys him socks for Christmas...:)

Kevin sold his car, and now is back driving BJ's old college car to and from work, with something bouncing off the road on the bottom.

We hadn't bought more shampoo, so Kevin had to use Channing's...

Channing's stroller tires are flat, but we still push him down the street anyways...better work out..:)

kevin's cheap so i don't have to be...:)

kim said...

Our garbage saks have to stuffed to the freakin breaking point before Tod will let me take them out.
You have to be able to read the newspaper through my socks before I'll through them out.
I hate throwing away paper so I have a lets say very large stack of paper, printed on one side and ready to be used for something else on the other. Maybe we'll run out of toliet paper some day and it will come in handy??

Cara said...

Oh this post was very informative! Wish I would have known about the p.b. a couple years ago! Better late than never though. P.S. I'm loving your uber cute pics of your family! Too cute! Aren't you loving your winter?! I'm on cloud 10! It's gorgeous in AZ.

Nollie said...

I'm cheap on food, in that I'm not brand loyal. The store brand works most of the time (except for said PB). I'm also cheap on clothes and am happy to shop at Target or Forever 21, but love to hit the sales at more expensive stores. Finally, I come from a library family where you check out books and only buy ones you really love, whereas Andy's family are book buyers straight away. I just can't justify spending $20-$30 on a book I'm not sure I'll like.