Friday, March 26, 2010

the feeling of home

Two summers ago was a summer I will never forget.  Ben left for Las Vegas for 15 weeks...I was 15 weeks pregnant with Maizie, and I will never forget dropping him off at the airport and feeling an aloneness that I cannot quite describe.  The boys were crying when they understood they wouldn't see dad for awhile and when I pulled onto good ol' Kilbury Lane, I had tears in my eyes, not knowing quite how I would deal with the next 4 months.  On my doorstep was a sweet note and gift from a friend, letting me know she would help out at any time. And within the next 4 hours, unexpectedly, a few more of my friends showed up with gifts and notes of love in their hands.  There were a few great things that came from that summer.  One was that I KNEW I could count on my friends in any situation..they were family to me.  Two was that because Ben flew back and forth so much that summer, we got a free roundtrip flight! 

Skip another year and a half forward and I was headed back to Columbus to visit..and what an awesome visit it was.
First, I cannot tell you how awesome it felt to fly with no children...I read a magazine, I worked on the computer, I drank my own drink..with no kiddie spit in it!  It was liberating!(not to say I didn't miss them..just maybe not so much on that portion of my trip!)  As we were flying into Columbus, I had just the most warm, excited feeling...not a nervous feeling, but a feeling like I was coming home.  And not in the sense of my family being there (as we all know home really is where your family is)..but it was precisely that feeling of seeing my family once again.  I don't want to go into too much gushy detail, but Columbus will ALWAYS have a special place in my family's hearts because we really feel like in Columbus we really set patterns and traditions and relied on each other and our friends like we have no where else..and that brought us closer as a family than ever before.  ANYWAYS...:)  needless to say, I was so excited for this trip and it didn't disappoint.

Jessica had planned a perfect weekend of Girl's Nights, Girl's Days, relaxing, shopping, eating, playing, was perfect.

We ate at Figlio's one night..heavenly...and the company was...TOO PERFECT.
Kara took pictures of me for my new business...All I can say is it is kind of intimidating being in front of the camera BY YOURSELF. 
There was a day in downtown Powell...
where we visited the most delightful shops..
really it was awesome..made me dream!:)
we also visited some interesting shops that had interesting shop policies...
REALLY?? a cat in a store?
it was no lie.
disgustingly enough, they were not lying!
There was a girls night IN..which was so fun to sit and chat and catch up..
Playing with and having conversations with Jansen and Natalie could not have been more entertaining.
The chili chocolate cookoff was a non stop conversation place for fun!..
then off to Jeni's for some of my favorite ice cream ever..
i really can't stop dreaming about it.

there was plenty of OOOHHing and AHHHHing over babies. 

plenty of laughing and smiling.... 
and reconnecting.
Sunday could not have been better. I saw my sweet neighbor and caught up with her. I sat and held little Bexley for 2 hours straight and marvelled at what a miracle she is and remembered just how blessed my life has been.

And getting back on that plane headed back to Las Vegas..I'm not going to lie that there were tears..but I felt like I had just had a weekend of rejuvination...of new resolve...of feeling normal...of optimism...of inspiration gathering..of smiling and laughing..and that warm, excited feeling is exactly what I did feel all weekend long..and it could not have been more perfect.  That same realization I came to two summers ago was realized again over a quick weekend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who gave me the greatest weekend ever..both here in vegas and in columbus. Love you! 


cheeks said...

it was SO great to see you for a while during your trip! we definitely miss having you and your cute family here in columbus.

PS....those shops look so cute....i will have to check them out. maybe one day you could open one....minus the cats?!?!?! ha! oh,'re etsy shoppe is just that!

Kara said...

It truly was just the most perfect visit from anyone, ever!

Anonymous said...

soooo when are you coming back??[next with the youngins!}
loved your visit

Nate and Jessica said...

I'm so glad you didn't tell anyone that I kidnapped the cat. It takes a pretty special place for us to be able to call it home after only being here 3-4 years...but it sure has been just that!

Annie said...

It really was a perfect visit. I always say that if you've laughed to near tears-that was a good time, and my friend, I had a good time.

Monica said...

What a beautiful post, Kiki! I have similar feelings about our home here in Columbus. I'm so sad that it is coming to an end.

It was wonderful to see you and I can't wait to come and visit you in Vegas now!

The Teeples said...

It was such a blast to have you visit girl. I only wish I could've spent more time with you. But we need to make a visit out to Vegas. Looking forward to your store opening up.

Love you girl

Rachel said...

I am so jealous of you. Last time I had the opportunity to visit it was a working one, and not so much time with fun friends. Soon. I will go and visit soon! I do miss those girls.