Sunday, March 21, 2010

the story of a relationship

This is Lincoln.  He is definitely the instigator in the story.
This is Maizie. She is the helpless victim in the story. But don't feel too bad for her.
This is a story about their sweet relationship.

This would be Maizie living in her blissful world....
..when Lincoln sets his sights on his target.
In not any way was she aware that she would soon be steamrolled..
..until she heard his laughing coming upon her.
At which point, she just RAN!
Then came the first hit..
and he didn't stop there.
Apparently she didn't think it was too bad..
and he rewarded her for being so brave.

And despite all of the harrassing, she is growing up to be quite the OPINIONATED,

The end.


Anonymous said...

well with 2 older brothers she has to develop her own say, how elese would these boys learn about strong women!!!!
just beautiful!!!!!
michele and angel

Anonymous said...

oh man... i was waiting for the picture where maizie took it out on lincoln... guess that's a different story for the same scenario a few years down the road. hehehehehehehe

girl power:)

cheeks said...

i'm surprised maizie didn't show lincoln who's boss! ha ha! she's so cute....and is getting too big too fast!

Nate and Jessica said...

Ha ha! I think momma knew EXACTLY what was going to happen...seeing as how she caught it on the camera. That story made my day.

Annie said...

Her hair is so so long I can't believe it! She's going to be one tough cookie that one. So cute.

Monica said...

she really can't get any cuter!!! And, you make raising 3 kids look so easy too by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

i think it is funny that lincoln was sharing his treats..... ummmm maizie had them in her hand before she was plowed over.... and then linkie took them and then shared them..... hahahahahahha

Sarah Walton said...

What a great story! hahaha, i loved it. Oh, and I'm loving that sweet looking playground you guys are at too!