Thursday, April 22, 2010

another fun, really.

We love Saturdays for more than one reason.  We love having Ben home for the day, and the spring is just beautiful here.  Last Saturday we took advantage of a really fun canyon only 15 minutes from our place.  Red Rock Canyon is just a short drive but has a ton of family friendly hikes and places galore for little kids to explore. IT WAS AWESOME.

see for yourself:

Yep, he was that hot.:)

We love being able to pack Maizie along..she loves to hike around.
It really was a fun day...Booker rated it like this:

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Anonymous said...

lloks like fun:)

Nate and Jessica said...

Just today I was actually thinking about your Saturday hikes you told me about once.

Melinda said...

That looks fun! Wait, did Lincoln just now do that to his nose? I thought it said it was a month ago. Oh, poor boy!

ryan said...

Thats a fun family outing! I wanted to go but it was in the mission next to maybe we'll have to go exploring with you guys some day. Yeah, Lincoln looks a little overheated.