Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After talking to one of my friends the other night, I figured I had better put a quick follow up picture of Lincoln's nose since I left you with such horrible pictures last time.

He looks pretty great, I'd say. Now all we have left is Mederma + band-aids for the next 3-4 months so the sun doesn't make that scar permanent! Kind of a hard task when you live in one of the hottest places in the US!:) Oh well, I'm not complaining because his nose doesn't look like 2 posts down!:)ha!
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Anonymous said...

sure looks like a HANDSOME young man. glad it is healed so well. the blue eyes and cowlick in the hair are tooooooo cute!
michele and angel

Kara said...

Aw, much better, thank you! And I love his little tie...
I'm going to check the mail today, so I better see your name on something in there.
I think I'm going to have to try Bexley's 5 month pictures in the teacup, can you believe she's the same age as Maizie when we got the pictures of her sleeping in it?! CRAZY!

melinda said...

Wow, that looks so much better. Those ties are so cute! He really is an adorable kid. I love the innocent look on his face in this picture.