Sunday, April 4, 2010

then and now.

Today I had a chance to download some pictures from another camera we have, and found these pictures on it from a year ago.  SO many memories came flooding back in an instant..I love that we have pictures, just for that reason.

So many things about this picture make me smile..Booker's outfit.  That tie and coat were a staple in Ohio..and I loved it! Lincoln's face. Whoa, he has changed so much to me..and his outfit..yikes. I hope he dressed himself.

This walking path holds so many awesome memories for me.
Playing on "the hill" after the walk.

This was Booker to a T the whole time we were there. There wasn't a moment we went walking that he not only found a stick to hold, but a TREE as well!

Yikes! Was she ever this small?
Because this is her favorite activity now..

well, that, and looking cute.
and one year later, here we are...
All grown up, thinned out (well, most of us!), and happy. 
I can't wait to sit and see the difference next year!
Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

they are growing so fast. each still has personality that shows thru!
miss 'em

Nate and Jessica said...

I can't see the "then" pictures, but I can pretty much see the picture in my head!

Kara said...

I could only see the picture of Maizie as a babe...holy cow, she is so blasted big and cute and I still think she looks like lincoln, especially with their identical smiles in that last picture. Love the Easter dress, where in the world did you find that fabric? Someone must have taken you to the best fabric shop ever!

Anonymous said...

oh kiki,so glad i can view the pics.such sweet memories.booker looked like the little "lawyer" and lincoln ,i always just loved getting hugs!! opps almost forgot the black and blue marks lincoln had while learning how the steps can TRIP him up!
miss ya

ryan and berni said...

it's true, cameras are wonderful! think about all the things we would forget about if we couldn't capture them on a camera. it makes me sad to think about.