Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a weekend jaunt.

Last weekend we took a short trip up to Utah to visit some family we haven't seen in forever.  It was such a fun weekend filled with...

crazy hair,
bonding time,
structural engineering,
conch blowing,

CrAzY boys,

but mostly SWEET smiles and hugs.
We really need to do that more often.
Drew and Melinda, you ready for us again?!haha.:)

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Nate and Jessica said...

I love tramp hair. I mean trampoline hair.

cheeks said...

lol to jess' comment! :)

fun trip! i'm so mad at myself....i was going to enter your follower contest....and then i spaced it with brett's bday weekend madness :( i'm sure i would have won! hope ya do another one soon!!

Melinda said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! It was so much fun having you guys here. Our house seems much too quiet now!

kerstin said...

You need to plan a trip to Idaho! We have lots of room, maybe you can bring some sunshine with you! :)

On second thought, maybe we will come down there. IF has a direct flight to Vegas! ;)