Thursday, June 17, 2010

a graduate.

A few weeks ago, Booker finished up his first year of schooling and they had a celebration for the entire kindergarten. 

Here he was on the first day of school. A little nervous, but really excited!
And here he was on his last day of school this year. A seasoned veteran.:)

And this is ACTUALLY what it was like each morning...

Booker got to talk and tell his name and his favorite thing about kindergarten.."writing in my journal, math time, centers, and reading."
Here he is with his class and his sweet teacher, Ms. Peacock.
And as a year end gift, Booker really wanted to make Ms. Peacock a is a quick peek at
some of  it:

What a year! Summer is already into full swing. We are enjoying having Booker home to play, but he cannot wait to start 1st grade..especially because he gets to eat lunch at school!
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Gazdik Family said...

He looks like he went from a little boy to a little man!!
So, he practically loved everything about school!!

R said...

That's awesome! Can you believe it's come and gone.
Wow. BTW, I was thinking of something else you could make (super easy) and sell on your site: scrub caps. Since many of your friends are/will be doctors/dentists. Especially if they were Buckeye ones that'd be great! ;-)

Nate and Jessica said...

I bet she adores that book! We still on for tomorrow? I'll call you.

Melinda said...

Wow! I wish Booker was in my class! That really is a great and very unique gift.

Anonymous said...

what a thoughtfull and great gift!!
can you beleive that the yr has come and gone already??
love ya
michele and angel

The Teeples said...

I love that gift Kiki. I loved how he thought his teacher had feathers. Oh I miss little creative Booker. Tell him Isaac can't wait to eat lunch at school too. Plus he is excited for 2 Recesses not just one.