Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the first race...

The fourth of July brought a new first on for the boys:

What a fun event! The boys were so excited to race with their buddies, Grace and Jay, and it was so cute watching them prepare themselves.

The supporteres were loud!  Poor Maizie, she is freezing to death..we were in Utah for the fourth and forgot that it actually cools down in other places in the world! oops.:)

After the gun went off, it was mass chaos, but we were so proud of the boys. They both ran the WHOLE race and finished. We were a little worried about Lincoln, but he ate the whole thing up!

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Anonymous said...

fun fun- starting them up pretty young eh?? haha

I bet linkie's is pretty full after eating the whole race:). bahahahaha

Anonymous said...

so cute, even the goose bumps on mazie.eveyone looks GRRRRRRRREAT