Wednesday, July 28, 2010

july 4th?

As you can see from this first picture alone, our 4th of July pictures were HORRID! oh well, we had such a great time in Utah visiting friends, going to a wedding, and having a 4th party with Ben's brother. 

Lincoln's favorite parts: waking up to friends every morning, his dragonfly he got painted on his face, his first race ever...and of course, fireworks.
Booker's favorite part....Gracie, cousins, his fish on his eye, his race and...fireworks.
Maizie's favorite...playing, eating, sleeping..and maybe not so much the duck pond, or should I say mud pond she fell into face first..yuck..and of course, loved the fireworks.
I loved being with our friends (thanks, Remingtons), and family..and I loved making Maizie's dress in 20 minutes..from 2-50 cent bandanas..and of course the fireworks..
See, Drew, your "show" was a hit!:) Thanks, guys.
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Gazdik Family said...

Are you still doing boot camp? So glad that you found an extra energy to blog....I missed you for a week or two!! Kids in a race, sign of your boys growing up!! By the way, loved their sear world. We all need a great imagination like that.

Melinda said...

A dollar for that adorable dress! That's what is amazing! So much fun!

Smittys said...

What? That is amazing that they made a dress so fast and so cute!
Let us know if we can help with the new house.