Monday, September 6, 2010

another goal down.

Here is where I was this weekend:

running a sweet 1/2 marathon with my sister.

I ran a 1/2 a few years ago and hated every second of it. I vowed at the end of it I wouldn't ever run another..but lately started feeling like that was a silly thing to do and since my sister was running this one and wanted someone to run it with her, I obliged. And it was a great experience. My brother and sister-in-laws race management company put on the race..and it was awesome.

we ran it on the salt flats, out of Wendover, NV...and the scenery was beautiful..
Here I am at the halfway those mountains!
and finishing the race..such a fun time, and great sister bonding time..right, em?!:)
And of course the take home lesson being that just because you don't like something the first time, doesn't mean you should just quit..just simply try again, and maybe..just maybe the experience will be great!
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Kara said...

Way to go chica! Will you please come over and craft with one in our new ward will!

Annie said...

The scenery is awesome. I'm glad it was a good race. You certainly look cute running it.

cheeks said...

way to go!! looks like you were having fun!!!

Nate and Jessica said...

Man you rock. Wish we lived closer so you could help me get my butt in gear after this baby.

kerstin said...

You are one tough girl! I get bored after running for 5 miles!

Melinda said...

Woooo Whooo! You are awesome!

Bryan and Ellie said...

And so much more fun doing it with a sister! Running on the salt flats looks awesome! I'm jealous.

emily and kevin griffin said...

maybe...thanks for running with me. we definitely had lots of time together. if there is a next time...we are having music or a movie or something!