Saturday, September 25, 2010

how does time go so fast?

Looking at their pictures tonight made me realize...

*Time moves too fast.

but it also made me realize...

*How much I enjoy being their mom.

So the question is..How do you slow down time?
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Nate and Jessica said...

Maybe together we can come up with some sort of machine. But it has a speed up button during tantrums. Sound good?

Anonymous said...

sorry kiki , that what happens when you feed and water them!!
keep the pics coming
miss everybody.
michele and angel

R said...

Seriously, Maizie is soo cute.
As are all your kids, of course they look so much a like. But for some reason the little blonde hair blue eyed girls get me.
Love the pic!

Monica said...

I'm right there with you. I love these sweet precious ages. K.. so I read your spider bite post and occasionally will think that I feel spiders crawling on me at night now! :) So creepy. I'm glad that you are okay!

Jimi said...

Hey pal,
I am so loving your blog. I finally had time to catch up on this blogging habit we all have...we not mine quit yet!! :) Soon I hope...I need more time..Yes, more time to get things on track again and more time to keep my little ones little longer. I so agree we need to come up with something to keep our children small longer or even for all of us to be the ones running around this town and ruling the roost!! LOL :) Greyson is already, well almost, 8 months old...yep...8 MONTHS!! Blows my mind!! But then it also blows my mind we are all grown up enough to have our own families..:)