Sunday, October 31, 2010

through a princess' eyes..

Dear friends and family,

I am sure most of you know me. I am my mom and dad's sweetest girl ever, Maizie, however, for the sake of this post just call me Princess Maizie.  I LOVE pink. SO. MUCH.  And I love playing princesses SO MUCH. My mommy knew this so she got me the perfect Halloween costume:

My mom even dolled me all up. She did my hair, put pink on my cheeks, pink on my lips and sprayed me with pink hairspray. (I told you I liked pink!)

I loved my dress. It was perfectly bubbly and happy, just like me!

Halloween was just the best ever.  My brothers and I went TRUNK or TREATING.  I didn't really understand it.  I walked from car to car, said "trick or treat", said "thank you" and pretty soon I had a bucket filled with candy.
My mommy and daddy NEVER let me have this much candy, so as soon as I got home, I dug in! I had to see what everyone was putting in my bucket!

My mom unwrapped an orange tootsie roll..she thought I would like it...

but this is what I really thought of it:

So back to digging again..and this time I found just what EVERY little girl loves...

Yep, you guessed it..not one sucker, but THREE!
I found the perfect combination..big red, big green, little pink.
mmmm. perfect.  Just like my Halloween night.
My brother, Lincoln, thought it was pretty great too..
He and Booker gave it TWO thumbs up!

And of course, I would have to agree.  Can't wait to see what next Halloween will bring!

Yours forever,
Pink Princess Maizie.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the jedis.

There are certain things that are serious at our house....

Star Wars is DEFINITELY one of them.

After officially introducing the boys to Star Wars this summer, they have been hooked.  We had movie parties, watched all 6 episodes over and over again. We had a Star Wars party, including Yoda and Darth Vader cookies, gifts from Yoda, Yoda and Darth pancakes, Star Wars name it, we have done Star Wars. The kids know every character by name and where they fit in the whole show..and don't you try to tell them something that is wrong..because correction is soon to come!

SO naturally for Halloween the boys would want to be nothing but the best.:)  Let me introduce you:

Hello, I am Lincoln Wan Kenobi..Jedi master.
I am serious when it comes to training and defending the light side.  And I look seriously handsome with my whiskers.

And I am Anakin.  I am arguably one of the greatest Jedi Knights ever, and will just not mention my darker days.
I trained under Obi Wan and thus take my fighting very seriously..yet always with a smile!

We are always ready for battle (thus why we have been through 6 light sabers in our house in a little over 3 months!) and are always ready to defend the light side at a moments notice.

Can't wait to see these two in action on Halloween night!

Coming soon:

Introduction of pink princess Maizie!:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

cookies and friends.

Booker has been begging for awhile now to have 2 of his good friends over to play, and with Halloween this week, we decided this would be the best time to have a cookie party.

The kids were so cute as I went to pick them up at school..they were so excited and giddy to get to come to our house and decorate cookies. Oh, what kids remind love and be thankful for the little things in life.:)

They had a ball decorating their cookies..though I don't think some of the cookies could have possibly held more candy or frosting!

Although this picture is blurry, I loved seeing how Lincoln dumped his candy all over his cookie..and Maizie did just about the same. It was a nerd pile cookie!:)
Booker and his friends...they really are such sweet girls.
And of course the best part was eating them! Maizie was showing me how she was going to eat hers..yikes!
Yay for cookie parties! and yay for friends!:)
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Monday, October 25, 2010

pumpkin heads

Wow, today's Halloween activity was a success...can you tell?:)  Maizie wanted to sit ON her pumpkin, not next to it..although Lincoln loved his job of having to hold her!:)
Well, I guess the pumpkins got done..don't you love the eyebrows on the first one? Ben decided it was best to break out the drill..kind of wish I would've let him do them all!

This was serious business. Thank goodness I am not a photographer! ha..I couldn't see the was too dark so I just guessed..3 times and this is the best I could do! YIKES!

So excited for cookie decorating tomorrow..maybe I will get FACES in those photos!

yucky spiber.

What a better way to start out this HALLOWEEN week than with a new friend of ours.

Meet "Spiber".
Our friendly tarantula.

Luckily he is already dead.

A few days ago, we were out on a family run and ran by this guy. The boys (read Ben) wanted to bring him home so bad to look at him under the microscope, but he was still moving..and moving spiders and Kiki DO NOT do well together.  So yesterday, the boys went out on a walk and brought this guy home.

And after seeing him up close, I do not ever want to see a "yucky spiber" like him again!

Friday, October 22, 2010

a few guests, a few gifts.

This last week we had a fun time with my mom in town. My dad showed up for the weekend, and we went to visit my uncle. It was so fun.

My brother ALSO came and unloaded a ton of girls things for Maizie. Can I just tell you how much she LOVES pink and princesses?! You can probably only guess what she will be for Halloween!:)

The kids LOVE their new pj's. They glow in the dark, so when you go in to check on them at night, they look like little glow worms. SO CUTE.

And of course, we loved having all of our visitors. The boys LOVED book time at night, play time all day, Flagstaff (even the dog that scared Booker to pieces!), and all of the gifts that came with it all. But of course the best was just having lots of time with family. Don't you LOVE visitors!:)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

dear checklist.

    Dear Ms. Checklist,

Remember last week when I wrote you down, and didn't really know if I could finish ANY of you? You really made my week busy. I haven't said hello to my best friend across town in 10 days, my angel mother has been in town to lend a hand and play, my husband has been busy, busy at work, and to be honest, I didn't know, even with my normal schedule if I could even look at you.

Little by little I did look at you, and one by one I checked you off!  And it felt so good.  Jury duty ended up only being 6 hours long..(So thankful I am a stay at home mom with no babysitting!), Halloween decorating was made mighty fun with my mom here..(pics to come!), but really the rewarding things were making the little pieces for family pics. Lake Las Vegas was a dream. Melynda, the photographer, was patient and energetic with the kids.  Wow, thank you, Ms. Checklist for keeping me on track.

Can't wait to make another one of you soon!

xoxo, me. is some of the proof of me conquering you:

Friday, October 8, 2010

family picture time.. we are coming up on that most stressful time of year again..FAMILY PICTURES!  I have so many things swimming around in my head for clothes for everyone..and the "look" and "feel" I want for the pics.  So excited to pull it all together. I know I have a few photographer and clothing/makeup friends and gurus out there...any advice to make the experience as family friendly as possible or some definite to do's or not to do's in the fashion department? Seriously, let me know!

Here are a few of my ideas that WILL be pulled together this week...

and that is just for Maizie! The colors at the bottom are the colors I am planning for.
Excited to have HER as our photographer this week. Yikes..better start working!

Think I can get it done??..
plus jury duty,
and luckily a timely visit from my mom!

Wish me luck.

purple jacket found here.
pink dress found here.
hair accessory found here.