Tuesday, October 26, 2010

cookies and friends.

Booker has been begging for awhile now to have 2 of his good friends over to play, and with Halloween this week, we decided this would be the best time to have a cookie party.

The kids were so cute as I went to pick them up at school..they were so excited and giddy to get to come to our house and decorate cookies. Oh, what kids remind me...to love and be thankful for the little things in life.:)

They had a ball decorating their cookies..though I don't think some of the cookies could have possibly held more candy or frosting!

Although this picture is blurry, I loved seeing how Lincoln dumped his candy all over his cookie..and Maizie did just about the same. It was a nerd pile cookie!:)
Booker and his friends...they really are such sweet girls.
And of course the best part was eating them! Maizie was showing me how she was going to eat hers..yikes!
Yay for cookie parties! and yay for friends!:)
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Gazdik Family said...

Alright, I knew Booker was growing up getting all lean and tall, but when I saw the picture with his friends, I realized that they are not toddlers, they are real sized kids!! He is such a lady's man!. But honestly, I love it when kids can be friends with boys or girls.
(luckly, Julia is the same way, too) I hope they will stay that way as long as possible.
BY the way, I thought about you last night. I took Jordan to play basketball with some ladies at church last night. He is almost as tall as Heather, and loves the game, so he hung in there. But I sure missed seeing you there!!

Nate and Jessica said...

Toss me one of those! Nerds and all.

Sarah Walton said...

And yay for Halloween! Don't you just love this time of year! Ok, that tarantula was disgusting. I don't know if I could even be around a dead one!

Anonymous said...

wow those look like awesome cookies!!
michele and angel

Anonymous said...

cookies sound delightful... heaps of frosting with candy does life get any better?

Bryan and Ellie said...

That is the widest mouth I've ever seen. Maizie cracks me up!