Friday, October 8, 2010

family picture time.. we are coming up on that most stressful time of year again..FAMILY PICTURES!  I have so many things swimming around in my head for clothes for everyone..and the "look" and "feel" I want for the pics.  So excited to pull it all together. I know I have a few photographer and clothing/makeup friends and gurus out there...any advice to make the experience as family friendly as possible or some definite to do's or not to do's in the fashion department? Seriously, let me know!

Here are a few of my ideas that WILL be pulled together this week...

and that is just for Maizie! The colors at the bottom are the colors I am planning for.
Excited to have HER as our photographer this week. Yikes..better start working!

Think I can get it done??..
plus jury duty,
and luckily a timely visit from my mom!

Wish me luck.

purple jacket found here.
pink dress found here.
hair accessory found here.


Kara said...

Good heck, as if you need help with this, you will all look awesome, I can't even wait to see them, though I'm jealous you get to have melynda take your pictures. i hope we get our next babe in vegas so she can do the newborn shoot for me!

cheeks said...

oh like you need help with picking out outfits and colors! you guys always have the cutest pics! can't wait to see them!

Melynda said...

WAY cute Kiki! Can't wait for your shoot!