Friday, October 22, 2010

a few guests, a few gifts.

This last week we had a fun time with my mom in town. My dad showed up for the weekend, and we went to visit my uncle. It was so fun.

My brother ALSO came and unloaded a ton of girls things for Maizie. Can I just tell you how much she LOVES pink and princesses?! You can probably only guess what she will be for Halloween!:)

The kids LOVE their new pj's. They glow in the dark, so when you go in to check on them at night, they look like little glow worms. SO CUTE.

And of course, we loved having all of our visitors. The boys LOVED book time at night, play time all day, Flagstaff (even the dog that scared Booker to pieces!), and all of the gifts that came with it all. But of course the best was just having lots of time with family. Don't you LOVE visitors!:)


Annie said...

I do love visitors. Maybe in the not too far away future I can be a visitor!

Anonymous said...

i like visitors too. when you guys coming?????

Nate and Jessica said...

Las Vegas is certainly land of the visitors. Maizie is going to have to give Natalie some princess pointers!

Gazdik Family said...

So enjoyed looking at your blog posts!! Kiki, I think you have a lot of muscles, too!!

Melinda said...

I love that Maizie is reading a book in her tent. She is so cute. The PJ's are great. Wow, what fun gifts.