Thursday, October 28, 2010

the jedis.

There are certain things that are serious at our house....

Star Wars is DEFINITELY one of them.

After officially introducing the boys to Star Wars this summer, they have been hooked.  We had movie parties, watched all 6 episodes over and over again. We had a Star Wars party, including Yoda and Darth Vader cookies, gifts from Yoda, Yoda and Darth pancakes, Star Wars name it, we have done Star Wars. The kids know every character by name and where they fit in the whole show..and don't you try to tell them something that is wrong..because correction is soon to come!

SO naturally for Halloween the boys would want to be nothing but the best.:)  Let me introduce you:

Hello, I am Lincoln Wan Kenobi..Jedi master.
I am serious when it comes to training and defending the light side.  And I look seriously handsome with my whiskers.

And I am Anakin.  I am arguably one of the greatest Jedi Knights ever, and will just not mention my darker days.
I trained under Obi Wan and thus take my fighting very seriously..yet always with a smile!

We are always ready for battle (thus why we have been through 6 light sabers in our house in a little over 3 months!) and are always ready to defend the light side at a moments notice.

Can't wait to see these two in action on Halloween night!

Coming soon:

Introduction of pink princess Maizie!:)


Drewzer said...

Those are great costumes! I love the beard on Lincoln. I remember drawing some similar facial hair on my sister while she was sleeping once. That didnt go over well, but your Jedi's look very tough.

Nate and Jessica said...

She sure looks thrilled about her princessness. Haha. The costumes are as amazing as ever and I cant wait to see Maizie!

cheeks said...

the boys look so great! i love their costumes...and they get so into it!! can't wait to see that beautiful princess all dolled up! I'm really sad that we don't live close to eachother anymore...i think she and E would be the best of friends!

Anonymous said...

the boys really look serious!! great customes . however that looks like a very sad princess!!
michele and angel

Anonymous said...

i know why she's making that face, its the dang tiara. it digs the crap out of ur brain...don't ask how i know that:)hahaha

Sarah and Mike said...

This sounds so familiar. The Imperial March is sung frequently at our house and is the most requested bedtime song. Can I rccomend the Clone Wars cartoons- Our neighbors have the first season and we have watched one almost every night as a family-they are pretty good-at least our Star Wars guy loves them.