Monday, October 25, 2010

pumpkin heads

Wow, today's Halloween activity was a success...can you tell?:)  Maizie wanted to sit ON her pumpkin, not next to it..although Lincoln loved his job of having to hold her!:)
Well, I guess the pumpkins got done..don't you love the eyebrows on the first one? Ben decided it was best to break out the drill..kind of wish I would've let him do them all!

This was serious business. Thank goodness I am not a photographer! ha..I couldn't see the was too dark so I just guessed..3 times and this is the best I could do! YIKES!

So excited for cookie decorating tomorrow..maybe I will get FACES in those photos!


Smittys said...

Love the Pumpkins! Good thing it is cooler weather so they don't mold like last year! Ha

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see their costumes!!michele

Melinda said...

Maizie is so funny in her pic! I love this time of year.