Sunday, October 31, 2010

through a princess' eyes..

Dear friends and family,

I am sure most of you know me. I am my mom and dad's sweetest girl ever, Maizie, however, for the sake of this post just call me Princess Maizie.  I LOVE pink. SO. MUCH.  And I love playing princesses SO MUCH. My mommy knew this so she got me the perfect Halloween costume:

My mom even dolled me all up. She did my hair, put pink on my cheeks, pink on my lips and sprayed me with pink hairspray. (I told you I liked pink!)

I loved my dress. It was perfectly bubbly and happy, just like me!

Halloween was just the best ever.  My brothers and I went TRUNK or TREATING.  I didn't really understand it.  I walked from car to car, said "trick or treat", said "thank you" and pretty soon I had a bucket filled with candy.
My mommy and daddy NEVER let me have this much candy, so as soon as I got home, I dug in! I had to see what everyone was putting in my bucket!

My mom unwrapped an orange tootsie roll..she thought I would like it...

but this is what I really thought of it:

So back to digging again..and this time I found just what EVERY little girl loves...

Yep, you guessed it..not one sucker, but THREE!
I found the perfect combination..big red, big green, little pink.
mmmm. perfect.  Just like my Halloween night.
My brother, Lincoln, thought it was pretty great too..
He and Booker gave it TWO thumbs up!

And of course, I would have to agree.  Can't wait to see what next Halloween will bring!

Yours forever,
Pink Princess Maizie.


Gazdik Family said...

that hair is unreal!! Such a cute princess!!

cheeks said...

oh my heck kiki! she is so stinkin cute! if i didn't know better i'd think that was lincoln with a really great wig and dress! how on earth did you get her to sit still to do her hair?? she looks so happy to be all dolled up...i love the 3 suckers at once! so funny!

Anonymous said...

just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too cute
really seeing how they enjoyed trunk and treating!!
michele and angel

Allyson said...


Why did our paths so briefly have to cross? You left too soon; I needed to take no less than 100 classes from you in every talent you possess.:)

Love her hair!!

kerstin said...

So so cute! Her cheeks were so cute! Loved the whole ensemble :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha that is awesome.. loved the oranges tootsie roll face:)

Anna said...

hey you...found your blog. You are good about updating your blog, hopefully I can try to do the same.

Love all your costumes. They are adorable!

I can't believe that spider! I can't believe you let them keep it! That's simply disgusting!!!

That cookie party was fun. We need to get together more often.

Found your friendship request form. I think I qualify. Will you hire me? :) :)

Monica said...

that dress is AMAZING! She looks so beautiful with her hair curled and everything. Great costumes. :)