Tuesday, November 9, 2010

he knows chinese?

Ha! I'm laughing even before I tell this story. Ben took the boys out on a hike the other morning.  They had been going for a few hours when they came upon a hill and Lincoln started singing, "Sube, Sube, Sube."..(now don't laugh..That's how you SAY "up" as in "go up the hill" in spanish..at least that is how Diego says it!):)  SO they got to the top of the hill and Booker says, "Hey dad, I know how to say down in Chinese!"..I think Ben was pretty impressed for a second. And then Booker continued with a song, "Gubay, Gubay, Gubay!" Ben couldn't stop laughing and as soon as he got home, told us the story.  I guess it explains his chicken scratching that I saw on his homework one day..I asked him what it was..and totally serious he responded, "Oh mom, I wrote all my homework in Chinese!". WOW.

In other news..My new Christmas cards are up in my etsy shop. Go check them out..and let me know which are your favorites!:)


Annie said...

I LOVE the Christmas cards. How in the heck am I going to decide!? You are so talented and I'm thankful I have a friend like you.

kerstin said...

So funny! You're Christmas cards are really cute! I haven't had time to get to my cards yet, too many other projects :) One day I will have more spare time to work on my projects...I hope!

Jack Attack said...

was blog stalking and found you. you create such beautiful things. you are so talented!