Wednesday, December 8, 2010

can you believe it?!

She's two.

Honestly, I can say it has been the quickest two years of my life. She has grown from a sweet little baby to a sweet little girl right before my eyes. There are so many things I want to remember about Maizie at this time, but mostly I want to remember that smile. Her giggle. Her scolding her older brothers. And them listening.  She is one spunky, energetic, snuggly, sweet girl and I will love her to pieces forever!

Maizie at two:

Talks like a three year old.
Loves to dance and sing.
Favorite songs are "Hey, Soul Sister"," Dynamite", and anything Dora.
Loves Dora..and Boots..and everyone who comes along with it.
LOVES pizza and pancakes.
Adores her brothers.
Knows all her letters and their sounds.
LOVES to kiss and tease her daddy.
IS the queen of this house.

Happy Birthday, Maizie.


Nate and Jessica said...

She deserves anything she wants. I hope you spoiled her rotten! Happy Birthday Queen Maizie!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday! She is seriously the cutest!

Gazdik Family said...

what? She is not a new-born any more? Didn't you just have her like....yesterday? She is BEAUTIFUL!! Love that smile.

Anonymous said...

are u sure she is NOT A BABY? she is just adorable. i am sure she has her daddy wrapped around those cute little fingers