Thursday, December 30, 2010

so sweet

Whew...Christmas is over. It came and went so fast. We were so lucky to have my entire family here for the holiday...21 of us. And we had so much fun. Until we got sick.  Luckily it was only our family, but it was every single one of us. The last 6 days has looked like the picture above.  On about the 3rd day of the kids being sick Booker said, "Maizie has been sick for so long. We need to get her better or else she will die."...and then quickly followed it up with "And I really don't know how we would survive without our little Maizie."  So sweet. More Christmas coming once I get my munchkins moving around like normal!:)
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Anonymous said...

booker sounds sooooooooooooo grown up!! hope everyone is feeling better.have a happy new yr.
michele and angel

Nate and Jessica said...

I was telling Nate last night how much I wish we lived closer and I could help you more! SOunds like things have been nasty...I am so sorry. :(

emily and kevin griffin said...

plague house :)i hope they feel better soon. took channing to the doctor today: sinus infection with a touch of bronchitis. same with dad :) but channing is really doing a lot better though, he didn't get it as bad as maizie and the boys.

Bryan and Ellie said...

Oh, no! Being sick over Christmas (plus company) is terrible! Hope things were merry anyway.