Friday, June 18, 2010

what these feet have been up to...

so i'd say that the reason i have been so bad at blogging in the last month was because i am just busy..which i am, but who isn't?  my next excuse is my real excuse. i've been tired. and NO, I am not prego. I had a friend call just over a month ago and ask if i'd be interested in doing something with her. So I said yes, not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. The weekend before this began, I was SICK with worry..literally sick.  And so this is what I have been doing... a little workout regimen known as:


I haven't worked out like this in years..meaning in 10 or more. 5 days a week. At 5 am. Which puts the alarm clock at 4:15 am. Not only did this test me physically, but tested my will and mental power.  SO what kind of workouts did we do?

How about a day where we harnessed a tire to us and dragged it behind us and ran with it over curbs and hills..and this was just the warm-up. We were bear walking backwards UP a hill, with a push-up every 3 steps, and followed that up by being a crab UP the hill doing tricep dips along the way. We army crawled through our teammates-made body bridges, played leap frog, and walked like a duck. (not as easy as it sounds)

We did repeats of 100 pushups. 100, and I thought that was a lot until yesterday when our workout consisted of running up a hill to a field where we did 3 push-ups at every tree..and there were just over 30 trees, followed by 20 body pull-ups, tricep dips, sets of 10 push-ups, burpees, and dive bombs..and then did it all 2 more times!  It ended up being over 330 pushups. CRAZY and INSANE!

A week ago we pulled a truck AND trailer up a 3/4 mile hill, followed by a crazy squat challenge, which included 702 squats.

Cardio days included hill days..running repeat hills, then repeat stairs, then sprinting in sand..forward AND backward, then repeat hills again, except we got up the hill by putting our hands on the ground and hopping up to our a frog.

These are just a few of the workouts that I got to do in the last month. It has been grueling, but so rewarding. I have so enjoyed working out with new people and getting to know them..being pushed by really in shape people, and inspired by people who just want to change their lives.  Changing my view of exercise has been so good and am so looking forward to incorporating these new workouts into my own daily routine. I've decided hard things are good not only for your body, but for your mind as well. And I am one happy girl that I took this challenge on.:)
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

a graduate.

A few weeks ago, Booker finished up his first year of schooling and they had a celebration for the entire kindergarten. 

Here he was on the first day of school. A little nervous, but really excited!
And here he was on his last day of school this year. A seasoned veteran.:)

And this is ACTUALLY what it was like each morning...

Booker got to talk and tell his name and his favorite thing about kindergarten.."writing in my journal, math time, centers, and reading."
Here he is with his class and his sweet teacher, Ms. Peacock.
And as a year end gift, Booker really wanted to make Ms. Peacock a is a quick peek at
some of  it:

What a year! Summer is already into full swing. We are enjoying having Booker home to play, but he cannot wait to start 1st grade..especially because he gets to eat lunch at school!
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