Thursday, July 29, 2010

yep, they are special!

are special,
best buddies,
and kooky.

and bring a smile to my face everyday.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

july 4th?

As you can see from this first picture alone, our 4th of July pictures were HORRID! oh well, we had such a great time in Utah visiting friends, going to a wedding, and having a 4th party with Ben's brother. 

Lincoln's favorite parts: waking up to friends every morning, his dragonfly he got painted on his face, his first race ever...and of course, fireworks.
Booker's favorite part....Gracie, cousins, his fish on his eye, his race and...fireworks.
Maizie's favorite...playing, eating, sleeping..and maybe not so much the duck pond, or should I say mud pond she fell into face first..yuck..and of course, loved the fireworks.
I loved being with our friends (thanks, Remingtons), and family..and I loved making Maizie's dress in 20 minutes..from 2-50 cent bandanas..and of course the fireworks..
See, Drew, your "show" was a hit!:) Thanks, guys.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the first race...

The fourth of July brought a new first on for the boys:

What a fun event! The boys were so excited to race with their buddies, Grace and Jay, and it was so cute watching them prepare themselves.

The supporteres were loud!  Poor Maizie, she is freezing to death..we were in Utah for the fourth and forgot that it actually cools down in other places in the world! oops.:)

After the gun went off, it was mass chaos, but we were so proud of the boys. They both ran the WHOLE race and finished. We were a little worried about Lincoln, but he ate the whole thing up!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

i wish...

We've had a fun time this summer taking quick little trips to different celebrations..weddings a plenty and family trips galore..the kids have LOVED it!  They love being around their cousins, friends and family and have cried EVERY time we leave.

A few weeks ago we were up in Salt Lake and had a great time taking the kids to Temple Square.  I tried to take a few pics of them together.. I always wish they would turn out perfect (even one of them!).  But to be honest, everytime I look at these pictures, they remind me of real life..and that is pretty darn great.:)

Yes, Maizie is the queen...
and doens't take ANYTHING from ANYONE..

They are pretty stinkin cute and I feel absolutely blessed to be their mom.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

what exactly do you use a 6ftx8ft porch for?

Why....setting up a mini Sea World...
for all of your important friends to see...
making sure that each one had a great view...
and here's the show!
and the finishing act.
I guess you CAN do some things on a 6x8 porch.:)
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