Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I know, I's been forever.  But the upside is that we are all healthy and back into the full swing of life.:)  Have a lot to catch up on..but around here these days you will find Bruiser:

That's what we call him since his trip and fall into one of our side tables.

If you wondered..the side table won.

But he is one tough cookie. Love him.
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Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that had to hurt!! that is one heck of a shiner. he is better than i could have done!! love em and miss all

Kara said...

Holy heck, that boy could write a book about all of his injuries! Sure wish I could have seen him last month...but hopefully we'll be heading west soon, then we can make trips down "all" the time!

Megan Melver said... sad:(

cheeks said...

oh the poor kid!! that looks awful! i'm starting to think you will have the same experiences my mom did (with 4 boys)....basically the people in the ER or instacare know you by name :/

Jack Attack said...

I was wondering what the story was behind this on Sunday. He's one tough guy. Such is the life of boys

Melinda said...