Friday, January 14, 2011

the football game. boys style.

One of the most enjoyable activities we had when the family was visiting was an impromptu football game played by Booker and Bodhe (his cousin).

The boys were SERIOUS when it came to putting their game together. 

Here is the fly by:

The beginning of the game..Boise St. (Bodhe and brother)
vs. BYU (Booker and Ben)

There were good catches:

Good planning:

Good Defense..or a good attempt:
This was Booker's first try at defense..Ben told him to not let Bodhe get the ball and this was his interpretation.:)

Good Scoring:

and Good Kicking:

Seriously, such a fun time..We laughed and cheered and can't wait till the next time! 

They even had a cheerleader:

She may have been a bit of a downer for that game.:)


Megan Melver said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA cracks me up!! i love it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

great pics and commentary!! got to love those leggings lol.

Kristin said... didn't put the part about CRYING! Such a fun time! Miss you tons, and I love your Star Wars puppets...dangit, wish we had more time to spend with you!

Melinda said...

Ha ha! Maize... Si fun and so funny.