Wednesday, January 26, 2011

if you wondered...

This was my first project for the first week of Crafting With The Stars.

It all rung up at under $70!

go here to see my post about it.
YAY! I made it to round 2! Thanks for voting. Cannot wait to show you project #2...Decoupage..better go get my self in gear! ha.:)


Sarah and Mike said...

I knew it!! I voted for you-looks awsome!

West Family said...

I knew that was yours! I am glad I guessed right on the voting!

Gazdik Family said...

Our whole family was involved in the voting process!! We read them all, we looked at them all, we commented on them all and voted!!
YOU are so exciting!! And by the way, your kids are cute and husband hot!! Can we be neighbors and have project nights? I want more than book tapes and movies. Ahh, good girl talk while doing projets sounds so fun.

Perry's said...

Good for you, you always do such a great job. Now....can you design my nursery for me because I can not seem to do it!! Good luck with the next one!