Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a word about losing

Well, here is the latest project. My favorite of the bunch.  It is also the one that kicked me out of the competition.  I told the boys this morning..Lincoln gave me kiss, Booker started crying, got mad and said,"Mom, maybe you should have done more". It certainly got me thinking.

Growing up, there are MANY opportunities to lose at something. I remember hating to lose (still do!):), but as I grew older, losing became a motivator for me.  As teams I was on lost games, I worked harder to improve my own skills so I could improve the team.  I tried new things. Things that were hard for me. I failed at some, but all of the time, I learned from failing.  When I was a sophomore in high school, I tried something much different than a team sport...I ran track.  I ran the 800 and 2 mile. Running has NEVER been my forte. I love running, but I am not fast. They called me "poky" in high school for good reason. But I worked my butt off. Seriously..I ran 2 workouts a before seminary in the morning and one at track practice at night. 2 of my best brother and Richard, ran with me. My mom coached us until we couldn't walk!  We trained through spring break..2 times a day. We cheered each other on and helped each other up when we failed.  Toward the end of the season I started to see a little success. At the zone meet (the meet before state), I ran the race of my life, finishing 2nd, getting a PR(personal record), and making it to state. The next week was state. The race started and the first mile felt amazing. Then I hit a wall. Everything hurt. Everything. I kept going, but I finished dead last. I did still get a PR, but I finished last. I was embarrassed and humiliated. I cried and cried. Losing is not easy. And yet, from that experience, I learned that trying new things..or getting out of our comfort zone is GOOD regardless of where you place.  I have tried many new things since that experience in high school..some I failed at..many I succeeded at, but in the whole scheme of things in my life, I think the most important thing is that I tried.

I am so glad that one night a month ago, I decided to put my entry in with Crafting with the Stars. These days, the opportunities to lose at something are more limited. When I found out last night that I wouldn't be going on, the first thought in my head was..I need to show my kids how to lose with grace.  I need to show them that I will put myself out there and work my hardest and that life is not all about winning.  After all, if you won at everything..there certainly would not be such a thing as "the sweet taste of victory".  Glad for those hard losing moments, from both young and now, that make victories, small and big worth fighting for.:)

Thanks for your support and votes! It means the world to me.

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cheeks said...

you have such a great outlook on life!! i love it! and i love that baby book! can't wait to get my hands on one :)

The Comin Family said...

way to be a trooper about it. And just so you know, I voted for you! You'd have to be crazy not to with an awesome book like that! I love your posts. You are great kiki!

Melinda said...

Ahh Kiki. You really are amazing. I loved your book. I am sad I won't get to see each new entry. Good for you for working your butt off at everything you do!

candice said...

I thought it was great. You are a great example to those three kiddos of yours. They are lucky to have you.

Bryan and Ellie said...

What a great post! I admire you for putting yourself out there and losing with grace. Your projects were beautiful. So sweet that Booker cried for you!

Tod and Kim Comin said...

This blog is 100% Kiki. Its what I love about you. Keep teaching those very smart kids to be just like you.

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