Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oh what do you do in the summertime?

So here in Las Vegas, this is what we do some days in the winter:

lay on our backs on gravel piles...and it's fairly nice so we don't have to wear too much.

The summertime is a different story...

we TRAVEL to go to find nice weather we can play OUTSIDE...

and enjoy kayaking on the grass.

But to be honest...we spend a LOT of time INSIDE in the summer because it is too darn hot to go outside.

SO what would you choose? Cold winter, but play outside in the summer...or semi-cold winter (yes, it is still pretty cold in the winter..the wind doesn't help) and super hot summer (meaning stay inside?)

What would you choose?


Anonymous said...

i would choose super hot. At least you get to see the sun. Or you could choose a place where the sun never comes out and you see gray like 360 out of 365 days a year. and freeze:)

Gazdik Family said...

I am good with Columbus weather MINUS 2 months of winter.....
Shoveling snow once in a while and go sledding is not too bad, and I love the fire flies during summer.
By the way, beautiful pictures of your kids eating lunch. Tell me how that picture and setting came about.

Nate and Jessica said...

I have no idea what to do in the summertime.

Jessica said...

so i am contacting you on this cause i was given a number for you and it wasnt the right one. Aunt JO and aunt Emry wanted me to get in touch with you and make sure you could put together a poster/ page to tell about your family since you guys cant make it to the reunion. You can email it to Aunt Jo and she can print it out. Just some pictures and info about what your family was been up to. you can email it to msmathers@bresnan.net.

wish you guys could come we will miss you.

THE LEWIS' said...

sorry i was log into my other account. that last post was from Jessica Lewis if you were wondering.

Anonymous said...

how do you do it??? enjoy those beautiful yunkins EVERYDAY? they are growing very fast.glad mazie had on her life jacket, that grass looks DEEP! LOL think of you often. michele and angel

kerstin said...

Hot! :)

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