Wednesday, February 16, 2011

an addition to the bruiser club.

Hi! Welcome to my blog where you get to hear about projects and injuries.

Yep, we are at it again. She loves Booker SO much she wanted to be just like him.

All it takes is a slip of a foot at the park and you suddenly have THIS:

It's swollen shut..and she gets surprised every time she looks at herself in the mirror.

and yet, is still as happy as ever.

such a sweet little girl..with a black eye.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011


HAHA. you thought you were going to get rid of hearing about me and my projects, right?!

Well, I just found out that my duvet cover was picked for a knock off contest.

and I can tell you which project is mine. Voting ends next Friday. GO VOTE for my duvet cover, please..(you only get one vote). (click on the button above and it will take you there.)

and I PROMISE times a thousand, this is the last that you will hear from me...about this..unless I have your email address.:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

and for the rest of the family...

I have been clogging up these airways lately, so on to the kids:

Yes, I dressed her:
I think she looks like a little happy gnome, and that makes me happy.:)

and you wonder if my artistic abilities (that is the ability to sometimes take unusual object and use them for practical things) pass on to my babies:
Lincoln begged Ben last night to make a sign for all of his "potions" so that people would know that they were "not for sale".  It was almost bedtime, so Ben told him he could make it in the morning. Not satisfied, Lincoln took a few minutes being very quiet and Ben walked into this:

I added the words so you could see it. A perfect block way to say "NOT FOR SALE".

amazing, right!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a word about losing

Well, here is the latest project. My favorite of the bunch.  It is also the one that kicked me out of the competition.  I told the boys this morning..Lincoln gave me kiss, Booker started crying, got mad and said,"Mom, maybe you should have done more". It certainly got me thinking.

Growing up, there are MANY opportunities to lose at something. I remember hating to lose (still do!):), but as I grew older, losing became a motivator for me.  As teams I was on lost games, I worked harder to improve my own skills so I could improve the team.  I tried new things. Things that were hard for me. I failed at some, but all of the time, I learned from failing.  When I was a sophomore in high school, I tried something much different than a team sport...I ran track.  I ran the 800 and 2 mile. Running has NEVER been my forte. I love running, but I am not fast. They called me "poky" in high school for good reason. But I worked my butt off. Seriously..I ran 2 workouts a before seminary in the morning and one at track practice at night. 2 of my best brother and Richard, ran with me. My mom coached us until we couldn't walk!  We trained through spring break..2 times a day. We cheered each other on and helped each other up when we failed.  Toward the end of the season I started to see a little success. At the zone meet (the meet before state), I ran the race of my life, finishing 2nd, getting a PR(personal record), and making it to state. The next week was state. The race started and the first mile felt amazing. Then I hit a wall. Everything hurt. Everything. I kept going, but I finished dead last. I did still get a PR, but I finished last. I was embarrassed and humiliated. I cried and cried. Losing is not easy. And yet, from that experience, I learned that trying new things..or getting out of our comfort zone is GOOD regardless of where you place.  I have tried many new things since that experience in high school..some I failed at..many I succeeded at, but in the whole scheme of things in my life, I think the most important thing is that I tried.

I am so glad that one night a month ago, I decided to put my entry in with Crafting with the Stars. These days, the opportunities to lose at something are more limited. When I found out last night that I wouldn't be going on, the first thought in my head was..I need to show my kids how to lose with grace.  I need to show them that I will put myself out there and work my hardest and that life is not all about winning.  After all, if you won at everything..there certainly would not be such a thing as "the sweet taste of victory".  Glad for those hard losing moments, from both young and now, that make victories, small and big worth fighting for.:)

Thanks for your support and votes! It means the world to me.

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Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, Round 3 is up to go vote! Great projects this week..Can you pick mine out of the crowd?