Tuesday, March 29, 2011

made my day.

I asked Lincoln to write me a story today...(in an attempt to divert his desire to watch a movie). I walked over to the table when he was done to find this:

"The Kiki mom is sweet and cute. She is good. She is fine"
Nothing cuter than a love note from my 4 year old.

well...other than watching him play flag football.
Can you believe how big he is?!

I heart my boys.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


When I was young I had heroes. People I looked up to that did amazing things. The older I got, the more I realized that they really were not heroes.  In fact, they were often the opposite. They were famous athletes, amazing musicians, big movie stars. And the lights on them faded the more I learned about them.

Fast forward a few years now and I have children. And they are starting to see people as heroes.  And as a mother, I see some of the people they are starting to idolize and squirm.  Except one.

You guessed it, Jimmer.  An incredible athlete on the court, and a person to match that off the court. BYU has had so much limelight in the last few weeks from their decision to suspend Brandon Davies from the team..right after they were ranked #3 in the nation and going into the tournament as one of the favorites. People have criticized and made fun of the honor code that each BYU student agrees to.  We see team after team make excuses and cover up the wrong doings of their stars for a taste of just one more win..or for a national championship.  It's no wonder that so many of our "heroes" fall and fail when they get out of college.  I feel for Davies having to publicly go through the time that he has had to, but let's take a look at Jimmer.  He goes into the season as a pre-season All-American and has lived up to that title. He is a strong contender for Player of the Year this year.  He came back for his senior year to see how far the team could go.  And they had a GREAT chance with Davies to go far.  So of all people who had a right to be mad..and I would say that Jimmer had a good reason to be..this was his response:

"He told us everything. He told us he was sorry and that he let us down," said BYU senior guard Jimmer Fredette, who scored 33 points in Wednesday night's loss to New Mexico and is likely headed to the National Basketball Association next year. "We just held our heads high and told him it was OK, that it is life, and you make mistakes, and you just got to play through it."

So when Booker wakes up in the morning and asks to put his jersey on again (even if he has worn it the last 3/4 days), I say yes.  Yes, because there is someone who has lived up to the hype, dealt with disappointment, works hard, and when it comes right down to it..even when the "team" he is on has lost a valuable member..instead of getting mad and being angry, he supports them, steps up and leads the rest to be better than they were.  And those are lessons I want my son to see and learn from his heroes.  Because isn't that what we do in our families as well...we learn that "this is life, and you make mistakes, and you just got to play through it."  Realizing that people will make mistakes is just the start of our journey, but lifting them and those around you to do better is one of our greatest jobs. And its nice to see some "heroes" doing just that.