Friday, February 24, 2012

I will not throw...

I don't know if anyone would ever know this, but Lincoln has a temper.

Yep, that is the face I  get when he doesn't want to do something that I ask of him.

One morning, he had thrown a toy at Maizie and hit her. Well, conventional punishments don't tend to work with him, so we do all sorts of creative things. Like write. Yes, this day, he got to write "I will not throw toys" 25 times before he could do anything else.  He was very mad that this was his punishment, so when he brought me his paper a little while later, this is what I saw:
Nice, right?! "I will not throw toys" turned into "I will not throw poop" which turned into "I will not poop".  Yes, he keeps life interesting...and all those moments where sad Lincoln shows up are thankfully much less than when happy Lincoln shows up.
This moment brought to you by Lincoln.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

from 5 to 6

ahhh. it's been awhile. but we are back with a new resolve to record our small and simple happenings around our house! many big things in life happen a little bit at a time, by small and simple things.  and some will be big and life changing.  and we will restart with one of those. 


he fit right in to our crazy puzzle:

and has made our life so happy.