Thursday, February 23, 2012

from 5 to 6

ahhh. it's been awhile. but we are back with a new resolve to record our small and simple happenings around our house! many big things in life happen a little bit at a time, by small and simple things.  and some will be big and life changing.  and we will restart with one of those. 


he fit right in to our crazy puzzle:

and has made our life so happy.

4 comments: said...

You're baaaaack!!!!

kerstin said...

So glad to see you back! Those are the cutest kids ever! Glad you are all doing well :)

Drewzer said...

where do you get a belt for a newborn?
maxwell is so so so cute. he looks like a mini Booker to me.

kye ericka allyson ruby ♥ said...

so glad your back!! & what a handsome little man he is!! oh and we have max & ruby lol